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Coffee: Chemex

To make enough slightly-better-than-supermarket-brand light-to-medium roast coffee for 2 people's morning, in a Chemex:

Boil 1L filtered water.

Grind 20-22g grams of coffee. We are pouring through 800ml of water, so this is half the golden 1:18, grounds-to-water ratio. This is intentional. On my grinder, that's just shy of 15 seconds. Grind to one notch closer to espresso than the pourover setting; the grind will be about halfway between granulated sugar and kosher salt.

Put a filter in the Chemex and rinse it with 200ml of the boiled water. Swirl it around to warm the glass (or not) and pour it out.

Tip the ground coffee into the filter. Wet the grounds, leaving no visible patches dry, and let them bloom until most of the nitrogen bubbles have popped, 45-60 seconds. You don't need to time it, just keep an eye on it.

Pour through the remaining water. Both filling the cone quickly twice and filling it slowly once will work depending on how much focus you've got in the moment. However you do it, it's important you decant as soon as the coffee stream stops dripping through and changes to an occasional drip, as letting the end of the water filter through will bitter the pot.

That's it. Minimum focus, no weighing, no timing, 1/4 the price of a "correctly" brewed pot (you're using half as much, cheaper, coffee) but still a better (and more meditative) pot than a mr. coffee could make.

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