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Chicken: Tacos

Create a marinade from adobo, freshly toasted and ground cumin seed, 2 pressed garlic cloves, finely chopped fresh culantro, salt, tomato chicken powder, sugar, black pepper, a chopped chile canned in adobo and a little sauce, fish sauce, the juice of a lime (or half an acidic orange, or some pickled jalapeno etc juice, or vinegar, or a combination) and olive oil, thinned as necessary from a paste with a little water.

Dredge chicken thighs thoroughly in marinade and layer in a sturdy bowl. Top with remaining liquid, and pierce the stacked chicken thighs repeatedly and thoroughly with (metal or plastic, not wood or disposable) chopsticks, or skewers.

Marinate at room temperature an hour, or in the fridge for longer.

Preheat broiler. Arrange chicken in 1 layer on an oven rack over a pan. Broil 3" from element until edges are crispy, 10-12 minutes, then flip to finish (5ish minutes). Crispier is better. Cool and slice.

Concurrently, warm corn tortillas in a dry pan over medium and keep in a folded towel. Assemble and top as desired.

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